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Lene Mieth
Branyan, QLD, Australia.
9:48 PM Wednesday 26th May 2021 (GMT+10)
Your photo album is so so beautiful I could hug all off them stunning would you mind if I ask how much they are.
Kind regards lene xx

Janelle Babare
Bundaberg, QLD, Australia.
11:30 AM Wednesday 22nd July 2020 (GMT+10)
We have been fortunate to receive 3 cats from Jemville over the years.all outstanding in their loving sweet personalities gorgeous coats and beautiful faces. Jenny has such a wealth of knowledge and remains honest and careful in her whole approach to raising and selling her lifetime pets. So highly recommend this breeder.

Mick Bingham
Maleny, Queensland, Australia.
6:01 PM Tuesday 25th June 2019 (GMT+10)
Original posting was made 731 AM Tuesday 11th August 2009 GMT10

Jeffers and Ellie are tow great Burms from a great breeder. They have been hit with an English Springer Spaniel pup 10 weeks old when she arrived. Took Jeffers 2 weeks to surrender his feistiness and no actually seeks out the young dog for a play fight think a 12 year old Burm would know better Then a year ago we rescued another older ESS and Jeffers just carried on as if nothing has changed - thats the nature of Jemville Burms Ellie being a smaller cat took 18 months to accept the pup but shes now totally oblivious of the dogs

Fiona Barnett
Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
6:46 PM Saturday 3rd November 2018 (GMT+10)
Hi Jen
After losing my two beautiful Burmese boys Oscar Ollie over the past two years I did not think I could have another. However after much angst I decided to get a little girl Burmese from you. Millie will be 12 months next week I am totally in love with her She is just as cheeky as the boys were if not more so. It is lovely sharing my world with a little girl. Thank you so much. Fiona

Sarah Jane Kindon
Scarborough, Queensland, Australia.
9:49 AM Thursday 3rd August 2017 (GMT+10)
Dear Jenny
Never too late to sign your guest book I hope. My beautiful brown boy Charlie and chocolate girl Lily are the light of my lifebrother and 61/2 years old. I cannot imagine my life without them. Charlie is the last gift from my father who sadly passed away before Charlie came to his new home.and Lily is from my daughter Louise. Everyday they bring me joy and help in everything i do especially when its quilting or crocheting. they have a special run in the courtyard so they get a daily rose of sun I just wish I had a bigger lap because Im tiny and Charlie is a big muscular boy and they vie for the best spot once settled I cannot move And I love it. Thankyou Jenny I dont know where Id be without my fur babies. They are my life

John Val Phillips
7:27 PM Monday 12th June 2017 (GMT+10)
Hi Jen
Formerly your lilac Burmese kitten and now ours Skye is seven months old and continues to enrich our lives 24/7. She is just so entertaining that we cannot imagine life without her. She has certainly landed on all four paws and deserves every loving care and attention we afford her. Again thank you Jen for this most precious gift.

John Val
North Rockhampton, QLD, Australia.
2:34 PM Monday 10th April 2017 (GMT+10)
The passing of our precious fifteen-year-old Burmese Gyp last October left us devastated. After several months of grieving a call from Jen to say a lilac kitten would soon become available was too much to resist. Skye arrived on flight VA1235 in the middle of a downpour and we in a car with a flat battery. Thanks to RACQ Skye was soon happily taking command in her new home. Her antics with a piece of paper on a string or a bottle top on a tiled floor keep us all amused. She loves good food and lots of cuddles and sleeps well at night. Visitors are readily welcomed after a quick assessment.
Jens attention to detail in organizing all paper work was impeccable. Thank you so much Jen for making our house a very happy home again. We will be forever grateful to you.
John Val

Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
6:43 PM Monday 10th October 2016 (GMT+10)
I have had my Jemville Burmese cat Pixie for seven years now and I love her as much now as I did when I first got her from Jenny. I would highly recommend her kittens to anyone as Pixie has the best personality always cuddly and wanting to be around her humans. Since getting Pixie we have added two dogs and another Burmese rescue to our family. But still it doesnt stop me from checking in on Jennys website often to see what is happening and wishing I could introduce another kitten or two.or three to our existing cats

Ashlea Cartwight
brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
2:52 PM Saturday 16th April 2016 (GMT+10)
We have had our 2 gorgeous kittens for two weeks now and we couldnt be happier. Shadow is my chocolate boy and he was the biggest out of the litter but you wont know it. He is a real sweetheart follows you everywhere and always wanting some kisses and cuddles. He is a perfect lap cat but still very fun and playful with our lilac girl. Our little Miss is petite fun playful fearless smart independent and a absolute sweetheart when she wants to be. She is a true lilac with pinkish gray points and a gorgeous cream coat and so cute. If you love cats like the burmese breed and are looking to add a loving new kitten to your family then look no further than Jemville Burmese you wont regret it. I can not recommend anyone more qualified and lovely than jenny with her 20 years of experience and absolute love of cats.

Cecily heenan
Riverview, Qld, Australia.
10:18 AM Tuesday 12th April 2016 (GMT+10)
After researching Burmese breeders in Brisbane and surrounds I came across Jennys Website and I instantly fell in love with Jennys babies. I highly recommend Jenny she is a professional lovely and warm personality nothing was too much trouble for Jenny we got a beautiful chocolate and Lilac boy which is what I wanted. Jenny continues to advise me on any concerns I may have. Jennys babies are the most loving and affectionate Burmese cats we are extremely happy with the addition to our family


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