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Suzanne Royle
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
11:46 AM Sunday 20th March 2016 (GMT+10)
Thanks Jenny for your attention to detail and unending professionalism in assisting us to introduce our gorgeous little chocolate girl to our family. Much anticipated she is settling in beautifully and will be a very loved member of our household. Would highly recommend this breeder.

Craig and Michelle English
Samford Valley Brisbane, Qld, Australia.
8:59 PM Thursday 19th November 2015 (GMT+10)
We have had our kitten now for 2 weeks and he is a fantastic cat He is already so comfortable with our 2 girls aged 3 and 8 and he sleeps with our daughter who got him as a birthday present. He is the best looking cat so cute and cuddly and we love him to bits. We have had Burmese cats previously and are extremely happy with this one called Rascal. Jenny answered all of our questions and does a fantastic job. Jenny is highly recommended by us if youre after a kitten you must buy from Jemville.

gold coast, qld, Australia.
4:46 PM Sunday 16th November 2014 (GMT+10)
I have had my little baby for about 9 months now and she is the cutest little thing. She is so smoochy and just has the best personality. I leave her on the harness so she can go outside now and then she Loves it she sits shakes even chases peas haha. yep. shes special. _ and is just the most placid cat great with little kids too. Thanks to Jenny best advice from a breeder I have seen answered all concerns along the way and was willing to help. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone wanting to adopt a little burmese. they truly are the best breed of cat I will never turn back to any other breed.

Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
7:24 AM Sunday 28th September 2014 (GMT+10)
Well we have had our little Miss Money Penny for one week now and as with our other Two Burmese we purchased from Jenny some 9 years ago she is just a absolute delight 128522 and has just adjusted to her new life perfectly thats due to all the work Jenny does with them from birth. She is a lilac torte and Just sooooo adorable cute lovingentertaining and we are just sooooo happy she is now part of our family. Thank you Again Jenny your burmese are just the Best 128522128522128522128522128522128522128077128077128077128077128077

Alison and Grant
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
1:22 AM Monday 7th October 2013 (GMT+10)
Hi Jen

I cant believe it has been over 3 months since we have taken Zoe home We love her so much She is just the sweetest little monster haha and needy Couldnt have asked for a better addition to our family
She loves to be held and cuddled and on the other hand she can be quite mischievous and ornery She is such a character We are definitely going to have our hands full when bub arrives Zoe in one arm and baby in the other

I dont think we could have picked from a better breeder All of the information and everything you gave us and your quick responses to our emails to start her off in her new home it didnt take long for her to adjust and fit and feel a part of our family.

Thanks for everything

Barbara Banar
Wanora 4306, Queensland, Australia.
7:27 PM Sunday 12th May 2013 (GMT+10)
I wish to share the 12th Birthday of my brown Jemville Bobby Sox. He is called Bear at home, as he can be a grizzly Bear, a cuddly Bear, and a very loving Bear. Jenny you would be so proud of him

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
11:09 AM Friday 7th December 2012 (GMT+10)
Hi Jenny, it hardly seems like my beautiful lilac girl Kaley is soon to be a year old. I have never seen a funnier, crazier or sweeter tempered cat! So very much in love with her. And Charlie and Lily, whom I bought from you for my mum nearly a year prior to my little girl are absolutely the joy of mums' life. I cannot thank you enough for the gorgeous boys and girls you have blessed our family with. They are truly loved as the treasures they are. With love, Louise and Kaley, and Sarah,Charlie and Lily.

Mick, Jo, HRH Jeffers and HRH Ellie
Townsville, QLD, Aus.
8:51 AM Tuesday 10th January 2012 (GMT+10)
Dear Jen
What a shock at reading you are finally going to hang up your show awards and relax. Umm I remember three years ago when we got Ellie from you, you were just about on your last litter then,..

We all wish you happiness in your retirement and hope you and Ron can get away for a break without worring about a midnight letter arriving.

It is our loss as you are a lovely lady and Burmeses Breeder.

Wishing you a happy retirement,
Mick, Jo Purrrs from Jeffers and Ellie.

Well Mick and Jo, as you know, my retirement plans fell off the fence post, but after a break, I have returned to breeding. I didn't realise I missed the bubs so much. Thanks for being such good friends over the years.

Well, Mick and Jo, I have decided to keep going for a while, after a serious health issue. Thank you so much for keeping in touch, and being such good long time friends. XXXXX

Marit Oldervik
Oslo, No states in Norway :), Norway.
1:59 AM Thursday 29th December 2011 (GMT+10)
Hi Jen,
Will soon travel from Norway to Sweden to bring home my new blue burmese boy. And - guess who I found in his pedegree.... Your great lady Jemville Mississippi Mudcake... From Aussi via GB, Spain and Sweden to Norway. Still putting her paw print on great looking burmese.

Mair and Raymond Brannelly
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
9:49 PM Sunday 25th December 2011 (GMT+10)
Jen, you have done a wonderful job in breeding our three brown amgioes.
They are a joy to have in our lives. Raymond can see why I insisted on three.
Their personality is unbelievable. So Alive. He wouldn't have it any other way.
Maybe I should have taken four.????????
Next Time??????
Love, purrs,
Mair,Raymond and The Three Brown Amigoes.(BC, GG, CC)


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