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Coral Bell
Norfolk Island, NSW, Norfolk Island.
1:19 PM Sunday 24th July 2011 (GMT+10)
Hello Jenny, Our Lily turned 3 years old today. She is still head of the house, sleeps with us every night & if it is cold (we never get under approx 14oC) she goes back under the blankets until 9am !!! She is gorgeous & would recommend your cats to anyone. We cannot thank you enough, Love Coral, David & Lily xx

Tim and Marina Ryan
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
7:50 AM Monday 2nd May 2011 (GMT+10)
We now have 3 Burmese Reds, the most wonderful cats we have ever had. The most recent addition is Mali who has just turned one and has the best temperament and personality that we have ever seen in a cat. He has fitted in wonderfully with the two other older cats.
We are aware that Burmese are 'third cousins' to dogs but our Mali would
would win paws down in a fetching competition against a Blue Heeler any day!
Quite simply a lovely cat.
Thankyou so much Jen - we will be back.

Tim and Marina Ryan
Thank you so much Jen for

Jeffers, Ellie and Mick Jo
Townsville, QLD, Aus.
8:55 PM Friday 31st December 2010 (GMT+10)
To Jen and everyone who has the honour of owning a Jemville Burmese young and old, We the above named cats, Jeffers and Ellie, wish everyone a Happy 2011.

nerea zalabarria
Bilbao, Basque Country, Europe.
5:32 AM Thursday 21st October 2010 (GMT+10)
I live with Bellabonny Maverick (son of Jackson Browne & Honey Hush)since dec 07. We really LOVE him. THANKS!

Brooke Paton
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
3:24 AM Wednesday 14th July 2010 (GMT+10)
After saying a very HARD good bye to my 18 year old Jiffy, I mentioned to my father that if I was to have another daughter she would be a Burmese. He told me of a breeder and wonderful lady �Jenny Miller� in QLD.
About 2 weeks later I searched the web and found Jemville out of curiosity and Wow...
A posting of a litter just born, 5 Lilac�s and 1 Brown Torti had just been made. Born the 18.8.2009 and that was it!
The call was made and I wanted the Brown Torti, I named Bella from day 1!
Her personality, colour, and fantastic nature, has been an absolute joy to have in my life.
Independent and cuddly, she is amazing.
To those that love the happiness a Burmese brings believe to your life, I believe that the Torti has that extra special uniqueness in colour and personality.
And a first for Jenny to find out, not only does she eat Vegi soup, broccoli, zucchini, but share�s a bath with me on many occasions.... YES A BATH..... No struggle, No scratching, No meows!
I love the joy and happiness she has brought to my life.
Jenny and your family, I thank you for the chance of having such a wonderful child!
Thank you Jenny and all at Jemville.

Brisbane, QLD, Aus.
7:30 AM Saturday 3rd April 2010 (GMT+10)
My little brown Burmese girl, Mya is from Jemville and I picked her up on the 17th of March, 2010. She is an amazing little soul and I feel very blessed to have her in my life! She was a little bit shy on the first day at her new home, but after that it was like she had always lived here with us.
You just know that Jenny brings all of the babies up with lots of love and affection, Mya is such a healthy, happy little girl. I would recommend Jemville to anyone. Jenny is also fantastic with any questions you might have and she replies straight away and to every enquiry. I loved the personal touches she gives, such as the "Burmese Bible" with all the information you need on your cat and the samples of food and kitty litter!

Danielle Ellem
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
7:43 PM Monday 11th January 2010 (GMT+10)
I became the proud parent of Mei three weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. Mei is a very healthy little girl who has obviously been well socialised. Jenny is very friendly and responds to all enquiries. Thanks so much!

Rhonda and Stuart Flynn
Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
9:17 PM Sunday 3rd January 2010 (GMT+10)
We are the proudest parents of one Nelson Nike Flynn produced by the fantastic Jemville cattery. Nelson has been with us now for four months and is such a wonderful addition to our family. Words are hard to describe his nature ... he is affectionate, tolerant and so much fun to be with and to watch! Jen - we can't thank you enough. The hole in our hearts when Reebok left us was enormous. Nelson has been a wonderful and giving friend to share the next part of lives.

Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.
6:24 PM Friday 27th November 2009 (GMT+10)
I'm so glad that we got our little Pixie - she's now 14 weeks old and such a charmer. She has a wonderful temperament and if we were to get another kitten, Jenny will be the only breeder we'll approach. A great introduction to a life with our first cat!

Townsville, qld, australia.
3:13 PM Wednesday 14th October 2009 (GMT+10)
Jenny has the most amazing cats - I was lucky enough to have a beautiful big boy called Jack. Although he is in cat heaven now, I am looking forward to owning another of Jenny's cats!


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